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Some people may think Ray Lewis is over the top, but he gets people to follow him and has the ability to inspire others to their best. Even after defeat this guy is a leader.


CSL South…Round 2

The second half of the conference season starts tonight. We finished the first half of the CSL South 3-2. I think that we can finish the this half better than 3-2. It will be tough because we will only have one home conference game against Niles West, three road games at Waukegan, Glenbrook South, and Maine South and then one neutral game at Northwestern University against New Trier. Our players know how tough it is to win in this league, so I have no doubt that they will be ready to play every night out. I think people have forgotten that we are still the CSL South Conference Champs.

We play against Maine South tonight. We previously beat them at our place in a very close game. I have a feeling that we will shoot it much better than we did the first game against them all while playing the defense that only allowed them to get to 35 points.

Check out this article on Bobby Claybourn and Terrell Farmby two guys that helped us to our last win over Stevenson.

Brian Bertsche outlook on the season…

Before the season, most people would have laughed at the prospect of us winning the Lane Tech Tournament and starting the season 7-0. There was a quiet confidence within the program that has built into a team of players that expect to win every time we take the court. Since the hot start, we’ve had a couple tough loses, but we have stayed playing strong, team-oriented basketball. Josh Irving has budded into a conference MVP type player, and as we all return to full physical strength, the next few weeks are looking bright. With Stevenson tonight, Maine South Friday, and Waukegan, there is no time to rest. January is when March trophies are won, and we’re getting better every day this month.


Big game tonight! Let’s go Wildkits!

Championship teams build championship habits!

One bad habit may not get you beat this week but may cost you in a month!

Josh Irving Highlight Video

Nice highlight video of Josh Irving

Holiday Round-Up & New Trier Week

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Our holiday season started off a little sour but finished on a high note. After a poor showing in the opening round game of the McDipper Holiday Tournament, we were able to bounce back the next three games to win the Consolation Championship over Bolingbrook. Josh Irving made the All-Tournament Team and as a very unselfish gesture on his part gave up his medal to Jordan Perrin. Jordan hasn’t received the headlines he deserves. I think that anyone who has seen us play would agree that he sets the tone for us defensively.

This week holds the first of the first of two games against New Trier. Whenever this game rolls around our guys seem to have a little extra swag in their step. They know how much this game means to the community and just like it previous years this game will be for first place in the CSL Conference. This first game will be held at New Trier where we have not played a regular season game in 10 years. How much fun would it be to go on that court, compete for 32 mins (or more), hear that final buzzer and see fans in ORANGE and BLUE cheering in joy! Makes me want to put on my #15 jersey!

Below are a few articles from the past couple of weeks




Time to bounce back…

…after a tough weekend. We went 0-2 losing to Waukegan and Loyola. We weren’t the team this past weekend that we had been for the first seven games of the season. We didn’t practice the way we should have and it costed us two games.

We started this week with a good practice yesterday and need to keep it going the rest of the week because the road doesn’t get easier. We have CSL South opponent Niles West this Friday (12.16.11) who will be eager to earn their first conference win this year….We can’t allow them to accomplish that against us.


“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”

~Michael Jordan~

McDipper Christmas Tournament

We are very excited to be headed to the McDipper Christmas Tournament this year. This is one of the most storied tournaments in the state. The field is always loaded with good teams, players, and coaches. Evanston has been represented in this tournament before. We hold a 17-5 record at the McDipper. We also have back to back championships (83-84) in this tournament, current Assistant Coach Steve Wool was apart of those championship teams. Hopefully he will bring his championship touch to the Wildkits this year and we can walk out of the McDipper with the 2011 Championship Trophy.

Following the link to see the matchups. We open with Rich East the first game.

Evanston Tradition

Great story on the tradition of Evanston Hoops! We will get back to the days of Everett Stephens, Bob Lackey & Jack Burmaster!

Go Kits